I want to find my favorite book!

So before going to bed, the kids and I were doing our night time ritual. This consists of washing up, getting some milk, brushing our teeth then reading a book before finally sleeping.

As we’re get to their bedroom to read the night time story, Ethan feverishly goes through the bookshelf trying to find his favorite book. I’m a bit exhausted of “Dadding” for the evening and I try to quickly get the kids settled so I can get back down to the computer, so I ask Ethan “Why don’t you pick any of the other books that you can find?”

He was still insistent that we find his favorite book, so he keeps going through the books in other corners of the room while I get more and more impatient. I abruptly stop him and say that if he keeps taking this long that we’ll only read one book for the evening. That didn’t deter Ethan from his quest, so I ask him “What book are you trying to find?”

He replies “The I love you, Daddy book”.

“We MUST find our favorite book!” I shouted as my heart melted.

We still couldn’t find the book that evening and we still read two books that night. Time is flying by so fast and I am just soaking up how awesome this experience is.