Post Wed-dum

So it’s been a while since I’ve last put up an entry and this one is long due. People quite often ask “How is married life?” So to answer “It is blissful!”

After the wedding, work became crazy for a good number of months, Diana and I have been finding reasons to travel on a relatively frequent basis and just about things were calming down, Starcraft 2 came out

Now that all of that is settling down, I’m back in the mood of doing some extra circicular coding. Tonight will be playing around with XNA 4.0 and the platformer.

Wedding Gift Preview!

Here is a preview picture of the wedding gift that we’ll be giving. Some of you may say “I went to the Nerdy Couple’s wedding in Texas and all I got is this lousy picture.” and if you say that. You’re mean!


I’m taking a break from drawing as I don’t have the endurance to hold writing instruments like back in my college days. So in the mean time, I’m going back to the web cam app, but I’m also going to play with a relatively new library that Microsoft has released called “Reactive Extensions”. As most of my app is intended to be event based and dealing with multiple concurrent processes, it may be the perfect platform to play with and test.

Check it out guys!

38 Days left!

Ok, so I’ve finally updated the information page to also have the registry information. Again, I’ve noted that if any of you are generous enough to purchase us a gift, please have it sent to our address in New York.

Another note for those reading this on facebook. Apparently my RSS enhancement is working now and I no longer have to do work to update both sites!

On the nerdy side, to not disappoint people seeking the nerd. I plan on making a little youtube video blog of my enhancements to the XNA platformer game. My first video should have the demo of the default engine, the scrolling and level warping changes. The next thing I’m working on is a dynamic item loader. Instead of having fixed classes represent what the avatar can pick up, I want it to be scriptable and configurable. After this, I should be looking up Craigslist or maybe even here for some freelanced sprite artists. I’ll be paying per sprite and I’ll draft an NDA, so if any of you have starving artist buddies, please let me know.

Final note, today is the two year marker for when Diana and I were officially dating, so happy Anniversary my love! Thank you for the best years and I look forward to making some more!


Well the wedding is getting closer and closer! Time flies by so fast when everything goes so well. I thank everyone and apologize at the same time to those patient individuals who are doing so much for this event. Especially my beloved soon to be wife Diana!

A few quick updates!

The location of the tea ceremony has changed for those attending. Additionally, we have an updated price on the hotel rooms at the Magnolia for our guests. It is now $20 cheaper and obtainable at $109 a night.