Ok, so before the photo album, I wanted to flush out some plumbing for content. The code for the consistent templates across each page and the wedding party is done. We’re going to focus on the wedding party section in as our next milestone. I’d like to include my interpretation on how I met the particular BFF and get their version as well. I think it would be a fun exercise and the resulting stories to share should be entertaining to all those e-stalkers who care 😀

Plus on a fun note, we visited our new apartment today to measure out how big it will be and how all of our stuff will fit inside it. Here are pics of the layout that Diana has done, plus the open office draw file itself so that you can play around with arranging our stuff.201 Montrose Apt Layout - thumb

For the most part, we spent the last two weeks in Texas with our family and our super awesome friends. We’re super thankful for all the efforts extended by our friends for our engagement party. We will have pictures from the party in full resolution available on this site soon.

The page looks poopy… yes I know, I was trying to build a super fancy javascript image slideshow madoober, that was taking forever and there are still a number of bugs to work out. So I stopped and realized that I need to round about back to agile development philosophies and (KISS) Keep It Simple Silly.

Happy News Years to everyone!