So the first release of the slide show is complete. I learned a lot about some of the hidden features that you’ve got to manipulate in Silverlight and it is clear to me that Silverlight isn’t as mature as Flash. There are an abundant number of side effects and a lack of controls developed for the platform, but I still give it the potential for cool stuff as it continues to mature.

The images on the slide show are low res but saved with large compresesion ratios so it will take a bit to download, but Diana will fix those when she has some free time. Otherwise, now that the I’ve got the slide show working for the main page, I’ll be modifying the behavior slightly for the ordered slide show variant for our engagement party story.

But, first comes first, I should wrap up the verbal context of my wedding party this week and can move on to other important information. Oh and one more thing. Apparently RSS, isn’t that difficult to implement, so I’ll be creating an RSS feed from these news entries for all of you e-stalkers to easily keep up with!

So, I’ve almost got the silverlight slide show implemented. I want to touch it up with a few more details in regards to clicking events, dynamic recognition of hostname so that it may resolve the images on an relative path as opposed to absolute and also have an ordered method with a text overlay. I’ll make the first deployment soon and then soon after, the ordered version will arrive with controls to navigate manually and all that nice jazz.

Development on the site slowed down a bit due to a hectic working schedule. Even WOW had suffered a bit of play time for work. Regardless, thing at work are also coming to good positions so that I won’t be too overloaded.

Once the silverlight rotators are up, we should have pictures from the engagement party up. “How we met” story and a few other tidbits about our plans. I’d also really like to get back to putting up some more/better graphics and working on the CSS to give the site more of an aesthetic appeal.

Ok, so Diana and I flushed out some of the content in the wedding party portion of the page. We’ve also added nice pics of each of the said members. This content should keep some of you amused for a little time being and you may QQ more later about the broken links.

The bigger changes are soon to come. Some Silverlight development is in the works and is being tested on the Dev version of our site. A lite version of this fanciness should be available hopefully tomorrow or sometime this weekend. Diana will then work on the about and info page, while I’ll work on rectifying all the broken links and adding some more graphics.

I’m also thinking about putting up a setting for dynamic templates on various pages and fixed templates on others. Regardless, in the meantime. Enjoy this funny video