Contractions – packed and ready to go…

So contractions are starting now… at midnight on December 18, 2011. The contractions are coming every 10 minutes or so. Now, I am breathing through them but I will probably not go to the hospital until my water breaks. I do not plan to lay in a hospital bed for hours when I could walk and be comfortable at home. I want a good labor. I am staying well dehydrated. So let me know Ethan when you are ready to come out to this brand new world!

Lazy Friday

I really love to steam my chai tea latte. It so smooth and warm for the winter season. I am trying to get the apartment together now. But before I pampered myself with a hot, skinny chai latte and gave myself a mud facial & mani/pedi. It was not a real pedi though; I can’t reach my toes. Ethan was kicking the whole time. He wants more space but my belly can only accommodate so much. 

Ethan is growing so big and strong. I wonder how he looks like. I know I will fall in love with him when I see him. How can you not fall in love with your baby? Ethan will look like the man I love or me. A bit of vanity I know but looking into Ethan’s eyes, I just know that I will love him so much.

Pregnancy progress

 IAmPregnant Ticker

Min and I went to the hospital 4 days ago when I started having contractions every 10 minutes then every 4 minutes as we took the cab to Beth Israel. The resident checked me and I was only 1 cm at that time. We went home around 4:30am.
Today I stayed home all day and rested. I want to be a good mommy for Ethan. He needs to grow big and strong with well developed lungs inside my belly. I went to the doctor yesterday and I am 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, and -2 station already. I am only 36 weeks! There has been some cervical changes so I am taking things slow. I do not want to go into preterm labor. Ethan needs to cook more. He is so active now, punching and kicking all the time.
I will be getting a sonogram next week. The bedside sonogram showed that Ethan is vertex and doing well with a strong heart. He is approximately 6 1/2 pounds now. He’s my big boy.
Min is so proud and eager for Ethan to come but at the right time. He loves us so much. He has been so supportive and cute with his man diaper bag he got at the baby shower. We are both counting the days.
I am excited that my family is coming for Christmas. I just need to finish my Christmas shopping though. I love this time of year; I love wrapping presents, decorating the house, making food and hot chocolate! I am missing the snow though. I want Ethan to see snow.


It has indeed been some time since the last blog entry and it definitely has been a mis-mash of ideas of how I wanted to blog, but I’m thinking the best is the idea that is the easiest. Now with Blogspot and “Windows Live Writer”, Diana and I should hopefully be able to both collaborate what’s going on in one place.

Some very slow progress is going on to revamping the main page with HTML5 & CSS3, but a lot more progress is being made on the android shooter game.

Other news is that our son Ethan is less than a month from joining us. I can’t wait to see him!