Noogler!? Next episode?

2016 has been an incredible year with so many lessons learned, new parenting experiences, super fun events as well as career opportunities. I recently accepted a position at Google and am starting tomorrow! I hope I’m able to provide them some amazing value and create some amazing things!

I’m going to make my typical statement of needing to blog more often.  Sharing the amazing parenting stories, gangsta Irvine dad stories and hopefully general feel good moments that come across.

With that said, I’ll make a general recap of 2016 in Irvine. The kids have made amazing progress in the LePort Montessori school. Ethan is starting to read, Dexter is incredibly vocal and doing crazy indoor parkour tricks. Diana is the most amazing wife and mother, we had an amazing anniversary on Santa Catalina Island, which was seriously NC-17. My parents are doing well, being super awesome to the kids, Diana and myself. My dad is getting back into the Starcraft campaign and hopefully I’ll get in some cooperative games with him. We also met great friends that we hang out with non-stop(almost literally). Blizzard lived up to the dream. The culture, people and passion were just blasting out of the stratosphere!

I truly feel blessed and I still can’t believe how some opportunities are offered to me, I wish that others could be so lucky and I’m hoping that in 2017 I find more opportunities to give back or share some of these blessings.

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