There was a bug after deploying. Seems as though my web hosts variant of php returns directory contents in different orders than my local Linux host. Thus the order on the story is inacurate. I’ll fix tomorrow as it is pretty late here on the east coast.

Ok, it has been a while since our last update. I’ve finally implemented some changes in the silverlight image rotator that I’ve wanted. The light weight UI is leveraging a php service in the backend to know what files and other misc information to render. Please check out the results of the story from our awesome engagement party. (Some of the frames go too fast for the text, I know… I’ll fix that soon too) Thanks to all the people who spent so much time helping us set up and performing the tasks to make our little story come true.

All of the pages that had broken links are now working, though some still have inaccurate data. That should be rectified sooner than later as the clock is ticking down. Diana and I will be sending out the save the dates soon so those of you who have received an e-mail inquiring for your home address, please reply back as soon as you can so that we can get your real invitations as soon as we can.

For other news, we have just completed the pre-cana(marriage pre-counseling). I truly thought it was enjoyable and though I think Diana and I covered most of the topics prior to the class, hearing out what we have done is definitely reassuring.

We also went to coldstone to try some of the icecream for the icecream wedding cake… Though I’m not a huge fan, I think we may have to venture off to one besides the one in Times Square as that was too busy and seemed to have a limited selection.