Desk Shelf & Baby #3!

Does anyone know of a desk shelf that can be added to any desk and is tall enough to sit above 30 inch monitors? It doesn’t need to support a lot of weight, it just needs to be sturdy enough to hold pictures and a few tchotchkes. I’ve rendered an awesome mock-up, so hopefully it demonstrates what I’m looking for. I’ve done numerous web queries and haven’t found any matches, so if you know of a product that I can buy off the shelf right now, please send me the details!

As for how life is going, Diana is officially pregnant with baby number 3. I feel that I’m much more prepared this time around and I plan on being 5 better than when Dexter was born. One of my biggest regrets for Dexter, was only taking a week off of work and not focusing more on my family’s needs. At the time my partners suggested that I take more time off, but I was selfishly consumed by my love for what I do. Fortunately, I’m married an amazing woman, who picked up the slack and provided enough love and support during my ignorant absence.

This time, I’m prepared to take a bucket load of time off. I’m ready to wipe a ton drool, change a lot of diapers, sing a bunch of lullabies for the baby. I’m ready to perform a bunch of massages, prepare a bunch of meals(grab take out and put on plates), physically and emotionally support Diana as she recovers. I’m ready to take Ethan and Dexter to soccer, swim and other classes, build a bunch of Legos, sing along to a bunch of songs and make sure those boys know that they’re still incredibly loved even though another person is added to our family.