I should be …

Well I caught a cold recently and I’m pretty sure it was from a recent TX visitor. Regardless of where it came from, productivity pretty much died up until this morning. I made a few pathetic attempts before the weekend started, but pathetic they were. I am glad to know that I’ve made really good friends/alliances with my team members so they helped pull my slack.

This year I got into a program at work called E2(Expert Engineer). It is supposed to represent my company’s leetest of the leet. However, there is another title called DE(Distinguished Engineer), which apparently is even “more leetierest” than E2. Anyways, my point of this is that I should be reading about 200-300 pages worth of materials for the program… and I am uber failing to have the drive for that now.

Instead, I toyed around with writing C++/CLI and XNA applications. The CLI stuff is pretty bland. Wrote code, didn’t work and threw an obscure error. I then remembered that c++ is target platform specific(x86 or x64). So setting the flags correctly, I got x86 to work and attempted to do the same with x64 but then those ‘x’s reminded me of XNA and I deviated to that.

On the platformer, I started following Microsoft’s guidance on populating models using Xml IntermediateSerializer. At first I was a bit cautious on how well it supported OOP paradigms and patterns, but apparently it seems to do all of the magic that I requested; it also has pretty decent pre-compiled support. So I performed that refactor and off it ran again.

My Reference Site

Now that I feel like I’ve done something productive to increase my Programming skill points a little bit, I’ll get to that reading

Post Wed-dum

So it’s been a while since I’ve last put up an entry and this one is long due. People quite often ask “How is married life?” So to answer “It is blissful!”

After the wedding, work became crazy for a good number of months, Diana and I have been finding reasons to travel on a relatively frequent basis and just about things were calming down, Starcraft 2 came out

Now that all of that is settling down, I’m back in the mood of doing some extra circicular coding. Tonight will be playing around with XNA 4.0 and the platformer.

XNA Evolution Step 2!

Actual blog content will be quick tonight since it’s already late and I’ve got two things to mildly entertain you for tonight.

One! I got the XNA Evolution Step 2 video compressed and ready for youtube. However, youtube seems to be bottlenecked after the actual video sends. I guess it’s processing the video. I should have it up for everyone by tomorrow!

Two! Here is a parady of “Delilah” that I slightly modified and mangled vocally.