Well, enough people have been nagging me about the appearance of the site, so I decided to add some of the graphic flair that I was speaking of earlier. Check out the nifty gimp artwork I did. The cartoon was not drawn to mimic the real life shot. Again, a lot of this is still me testing how things will look after it’s applied and so that I can create a generic template for the non-computer nerd to work on this page as well.

I’ll fix up more on the CSS for the links and the title. I’m also still not really content with the title graphic. Perhaps I need some sprites up there as well or maybe a darker shade to work with. Maybe a more drastic gloss. Looking it over now, it just looks like two plain gradients.

Ok, so we’re getting somewhere. You guys can slowly stop complaining. I won’t create a feedback page until I consider this out of “Under construction” Time to sleep!


How much does everyone like that sexy glossy bar at the top of the page. I figure adding glossy graphics will give the site a slight bit of appeal. Clearly, all of this is still in the works, but I was testing some logic to get the images for the wedding party. Some information is up, I’ll be adding more content as the week goes on.

Super sleepy now… X_X