It has indeed been some time since the last blog entry and it definitely has been a mis-mash of ideas of how I wanted to blog, but I’m thinking the best is the idea that is the easiest. Now with Blogspot and “Windows Live Writer”, Diana and I should hopefully be able to both collaborate what’s going on in one place.

Some very slow progress is going on to revamping the main page with HTML5 & CSS3, but a lot more progress is being made on the android shooter game.

Other news is that our son Ethan is less than a month from joining us. I can’t wait to see him!

So it turns out that I had my blogger account binded to my hotmail address and everytime I logged into, it would log me out of gmail…. So I decided to modify the address with my gmail address. Every time I tried it gave me an error saying I couldn’t. Thus, I’ve attempted to import it, but with minor malfunctions. Some of you may see double posts and broken links on facebook.

It’s late and I wanted to blog about something, but now I’m sleepy and will leave this blog about blogging.