Spring Easter 2015

IMG_3225Today was a bit of a crazy day. First, I am on call so, of course, I had to go into the hospital for a delivery. As an Ob/Gyn we know babies can come at anytime and we are on standby. So today is Easter and I already planned to go to church with my boys. I had their clothes all laid out from the night before and wanted to share this day with them.

Thankfully, my time in the hospital was short enough that we made it to the last mass of the day. Min and I hope that our religious excitement will influence our little ones with morals and teachings in the future. I grew up in the Catholic faith and hope the boys will do the same. All and all today was a good day.

Photos of the boys šŸ™‚

IMG_3236IMG_3235 IMG_3229IMG_3227

IMG_3237 IMG_3222


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  1. Mommy s proud of your family.And proud of you ,still teach your childrent be a Catholic,this make me proud of you the most!

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