@GMC my #YukonXL has a gas mpg identity crisis


First off, let me first admit that this is not the safest thing to do. You most definitely should not be taking pictures of your instrument cluster while driving. Please, do be safe on the road and consider your surroundings before making certain decisions. This photo was taken at 11:30 PM on a very long straight stretch of highway with no cars to be seen ahead or behind for miles.

With that said, yes I am boasting my gas economy. While most people aren’t impressed with averaging 24.9 miles per gallon over the course of 50 miles, It was done with this.


My GMC Yukon XL SLT is 7,000 lbs beast, powered by a 355hp 5.3L V8. This is the kind of gas economy I’d expect from a full sized, luxury sedan! Now it was also achieved by driving the vehicle without cruise control. As the night and miles progressed, I eventually got tired of gamifying my gas economy and cruise control definitely doesn’t yield the same efficiencies. When actually doing calculations from distance driven divided by amount of gas needed to fill up, I calculated roughly 21.53 mpg even with cruise control.

So with this story of gas consumption, we took our very first big road trip with the Yukon to visit some family. Because of the “late minute”ness of the trip, plane tickets would have cost about $750/ticket and we’d have to buy 3. Then we’d also still have to rent a car when we got to our destination. So instead, we packed a bunch of stuff into the Yukon and for the full round trip we were able travel for something around $250(minus depreciation).

While, the purchasing experience was mediocre, the vehicle is incredibly well engineered and exceeds all of my expectations. For all of the engineers, factory workers, designers and other hands involved in the production of the vehicle – Thanks!

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