Things to consider before IUD

First off, I want to say this is my own experience and anyone considering contraception or birth control should go see their ob/gyn for more information.

Mentally prepare yourself. Intrauterine device is a great method of birth control.  It is one of the most effective forms of birth control – over 99% effective. Currently approximately 2 million women use it in the United States.  As for me the advantages that were appealing included the length of time for the IUD – three years for the Skyla, 5 years for the Mirena and 10 years for the Paragard – the efficacy of 99%, complete coverage by my insurance, and not having to take birth control pills everyday.

I picked Mirena because I also wanted a reduction in heavy periods, which had plagued me since my adolescence.  IUD are long acting reversible contraceptives so if you plan to try to get pregnant you can remove it at any time even before the planned 3, 5 or 10 year period especially if you are unsure if you want more kids.  After the removal you can become pregnant.

So when the day comes for the IUD placement – plan first.  Come during your period, usually at the tail end when the bleeding is less heavy.  Your cervical os, or opening of the uterus, is slightly open making it easier for insertion.  Take something for possible cramping if you think you need it.  When I planned mine I was at the end of my menses, took ibuprofen and mentally and physically prepared myself.

After it was placed I definitely had cramping for 1 week and bleeding/spotting for a good three weeks. But at least I don’t have to worry about pregnancy. Well until I decide I may want another beautiful child.  When I see my little ones I just can’t help but want more sometimes.  Aren’t they such cutie pies?



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